Faculty of Science School of Botany

Professor Pauline Ladiges

Natural Philosophy Building
Room 106
Phone +61 3 8344 5067
Fax +61 3 8344 7049
Email paulinel@unimelb.edu.au

University Research Themes

Research Interests

Research Group

Publications and Awards

Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science
Awarded The Royal Society of Victoria Research Medal, Biological Sciences (non-human) for 2005

Recent papers or books

Ladiges, P.Y., Udovicic, and Nelson, G. 2003.  Australian biogeographic connections and the phylogeny of large genera in the plant family Myrtaceae.  J. Biogeog.30, 989-998.

Murphy, D.J., Miller, J.T., Bayer, R.J., and Ladiges, P.Y.  2003. Molecular phylogeny of Acacia subgenus Phyllodineae (Mimosoideae: Leguminosae) based on DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer region.  Aust. Syst. Bot.16, 19-26.

Ladiges, P.Y. and Udovicic, F. 2005 Comment on molecular dating of the age of eucalypts. Aust. Syst. Bot. 18, 291-293.

Ladiges, P.Y., Ariati, S.R., and Murphy, D. J.  2005. Biogeography of the Acacia victoriae, pyrifolia and murryana species groups in arid Australia. J. Arid Environ. (in press)

Ladiges, P.Y., Kellerman, J. Nelson, G. and Humphries, C.J.  2005. Historical biogeography of Australian Rhamnaceae, tribe Pomaderreae.  J. Biogeog. (in press)

Brown, G.K., Craven L., Udovicic, F. and Ladiges, P.Y.  2005. Phylogeny of Rhododendron section Vireya (Ericaceae) based on two non-coding regions of cpDNA. Pl. Syst. & Evol. (in press)

Knox, R.B., Ladiges, P.Y., Evans, B.K., and Saint, R. 2004. (Editors) Biology, 3rd Edition. McGraw-Hill, Sydney.1204 pages. 

Award for excellence:

Winner of Tertiary Education (Wholly Australian) Single title Category 2005 



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